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    We review the #Oppo #FindX2Pro, a true #GalaxyS20Ultra killer


    We review the real Galaxy S20 Ultra killer - the Oppo Find X2 Pro with its record charging speed and adaptive 120Hz 1440p display, the camera samples and zoom quality, battery life, the price and extra features before you make a buying decision.

    SummaryThe real Galaxy S20 Ultra killerOnce in a blue moon, a phone comes across our desks that leaves a lasting impression, and Oppo's Find X2 Pro is a welcome surprise of a flagship that does most everything right and in style. Its display is one of the best in the industry, and does 120Hz better than what Samsung did with the S20 series. Its charging is the fastest on a commercial phone, the battery life is superb, the periscope zoom clean, and it delivered some of the highest benchmarks we've seen from Android handsets. Apart from a camera misstep or two, the ...