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    Warcraft III Reforged review: This is how it runs on PC


    Warcraft III: Reforged opens with the dour visual of two war-torn races struggling for power. While the narrator begins his desperate exposition, a thin sheet of mist rises from the pouring rain as low hums, haunting chimes and unruly gusts of wind infiltrate the air. As these two races struggle, a sudden reverberation stops them in their tracks. Azeroth quakes, and the sky practically shatters when dozens of green-lit meteors crash into the fields around them. These gigantic, burning stones unfurl to reveal a familiar design: The Infernals. Shortly after, the game cuts to a bloody scene of two mangled corpses lying in the mud. A familiar tune resonates as the title screen lights up against a black backdrop: Warcraft III: Reforged!

    Immediately, this opening cinematic establishes a captivating depiction of the game's hopeless world. The impressive remastered graphics make this scene more vivid and striking than they've ever been. The minimalist soundtrack and audio design are also great, as they compliment the horrifying visual of a glum, muddy day gradually escalating into a devastating cataclysmic event.