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    Huawei P40 Pro Plus 5G review, the zoom champion


    A PhoneArena review of the optical zoom record holder Huawei P40 Pro+ for its camera samples and zoom quality, battery life, the 5G flagship price, and extra features before you make a buying decision.

    If someone had told us while reviewing the Galaxy K Zoom hybrid phone/camera abomination that a few years down the road its 10x optical zoom abilities will be stuffed into a compact and elegant flagship like the P40 Pro+ here, we'd find it hard to believe them. Huawei, however, did it again (no oopsies).Ever the competitive challenger, it not only developed the largest camera sensor on a modern phone, but also outfitted its current P40 Pro+ flagship with the first ever 10x optical periscope zoom kit on one.  That's not even mentioning the phone's other virtues like class-leading compact dimensions for ...