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    5 things to consider when planning a virtual event


    Living in a virtual world right now does not need to be so confining. While it’s true that many of us are self-isolating and tapping into work using a business laptop and Zoom chat, there are ways to hold a virtual event for a business meet-up, video conference, product demonstration, or even a full-fledged kick-off party. As business leaders, we don’t have to wonder if people will skip out of the event or even avoid attending because there are better options.

    Fortunately, many of the principles and concepts from a real in-person event still apply to holding a virtual event -- right down to the snacks and the coffee and the get-to-know-you time. It’s a good idea to mimic a real event as much as possible to help people feel comfortable and participate, and also so they stick with the event and don’t drop out suddenly.